Managed Loan Service

Steri-Pod offer an all inclusive decontamination service for PCT podiatry departments that is fully compliant with current decontamination standards.

This complete solution includes high quality reusable instrument packs containing items of your choice, delivered directly in to each of your clinical locations on a weekly basis. This fully certified sterilisation service is available with minimum bother and ensures that maximum respoonsibility for audit, compliance and traceability lies outside the Podiatry Department.

All of the instruments that are required are purchased by us and 'loaned' to the department packed in sterile sets, delivered in fully compliant transportation boxes. After use the instruments can be placed straight back in to the same container and the lid closed. There is no need to manually clean any of the instruments.

We will then collect the dirty sets, replacing them with sterile ones, and take them away for reprocessing.

The partnership between Ster-Pod and B. Braun Sterilog means that whatever the location of your clinics we can provide this fully managed service at a very reasonable cost.

The main advantages of Fully Managed Loan Service are: