Frequently Asked Questions

Will the loan service save our Department and the Trust money?

The Trusts we work with have done extensive business case analysis and revealed cost savings in relation to purchasing cost of the instruments themselves, the cost of disposing of instruments and the cost of the time in managing the decontamination contract.

Do I need to have the capital to purchase my inventory?

No, this is done by us and the instruments offered on a loan service, so this is not required.

Some of my instruments are new – does this mean I can’t use this service?

Not at all, we explore the best instrument solution at the beginning of the contract.

We are changing clinics next year, does this mean I need to wait to explore this service?

No, our Trusts often require certain changes to a contract or the addition of a clinic for example, or the alteration of a pack contents and we always ensure we are responsive, flexible and ‘can-do’ with our approach to such situations.

We are still exploring our operational needs within the Trust so should we wait to discuss this with you?

We can explore your inventory usage and provide data driven advice and consult with you throughout this process. Please don’t hesitate to discuss with us your requirements. We have often had conversations with a Trust for a year or two years prior to being awarded the contract.

Can we have our instruments clinic specific?

Yes, if you require we can even design the system to have multiple pack types at each individual location.

Do we have to use a specified selection of instruments?

The instruments used in the system are sourced, and sometimes manufactured, to fit your requirements. They are all CE approved and confirm to ISO 13485:2016.

Does the contract include a full repair and replacement model?

Yes, a repair and servicing model can built into the contract and run in an efficient and timely manner to take away that headache and any time involved from the Trust.

What happens if we have a surge in patients?

We keep a buffer stock of additional sets available to quickly be introduced to the stock levels should a surge in patients occur.

Will our instruments be mixed with other loan sets or services from the Trust?

No, your loan instruments will remain for use only by your Trust and not be mixed with other loan sets or other services throughout the Trust.

We still need to finalise our KPIs, should we wait until we have done this to discuss our requirements?

We can help to explore the best KPIs you require on this contract and work in partnership to ensure the right criteria is built into the service from the beginning. We can ensure the correct Trust policies, processes and best practice are built in from the beginning of the contract.

Do we need to have worked out the delivery routes?

With our wide range of vehicles and the expertise and logistics modelling systems of our logistics team, we are committed to giving the customer what they require. The delivery plans are formulated in order that the most effective, economical, efficient and shortest is always in use and we continually assess the delivery routes we utilise. We are actively committed to reducing the environmental impact our vehicles have by sourcing the latest low emission vehicles, route planning and tracking our vehicles.

Will we have a different driver regularly?

No, you will have a dedicated, friendly and reliable driver who is fully trained on routes, clinics, policies, processes and equipment and specific instructions for your clinics. They will also be fully trained with contingency plans and all delivery sheets and specific instructions included each time.

What happens should a driver be off sick, or a vehicle break down?

We have fully trained back up drivers who are all familiar with the clinics and delivery routes.

What happens if there is a Bank Holiday?

Deliveries are made in advance or the subsequent day to ensure there is no impact on your service and your patients.

What happens in adverse weather conditions?

With our fleet of very high spec vehicles, we have 4x4s ready to be called into action. In addition, during the winter months our vehicles are fitted with winter tyres for difficult driving conditions and your assurance of reliability. 100% of our deliveries have been made even in adverse weather.

How will the Health and Safety of all involved be safe-guarded?

Our company Health and Safety Policy is found in the Downloads section of this website. Our personnel are kept up to date of its critical importance, awareness of risks and hazards when delivering to the clinics and full reports created prior to the initiation of the contract. We will consult with yourselves to tailor any specific instructions and requirements of the Trust. We genuinely care about your Trust employees and of our Steri-Pod employees and will ensure a focus on safety throughout. Our staff wear appropriate PPE and are fully trained in handling.

What would be likely to be covered at review meetings?

The areas for review and discussion are agreed and tailored for your Trust. They include:

  • Individual KPIs e.g. non-conformance data
  • Communications
  • Deliveries
  • Any alterations or Trust challenges
  • Ways to continually improve the service.