Managed Loan Service

The Steri-Pod Group

The Steri-Pod Group provides a wide range of services from an all-inclusive managed decontamination loan service, down to the individual instruments and medical furniture required by a private practitioner.

The managed decontamination loan service is designed for NHS podiatry departments and is fully compliant to current decontamination standards. The complete solution includes, high quality reusable sterile instrument packs containing items of the individual trusts choice, delivered directly to their clinical locations.

Our range of reusable instruments are made from high quality stainless steel because we understand the clinicians' requirement for quality instrumentation, with ease of use, whilst ensuring cost effectiveness.

All instruments are CE approved and conform to ISO 13485, the international quality management system.

TitanMed Ltd was formed in 2016 as a standalone company to manufacture and distribute worldwide a range of treatment tables, examination couches and patient trolleys suitable for use in a variety of healthcare environments and treatment procedures including, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Ultrasound, Phlebotomy, Gynaecology and Accident & Emergency Departments.

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